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It is your own responsibility to ensure that anyone who plays on your account complies with our rules!
Treat others as you want to be treated.

#1 You are not allowed to use names that violates our rules, eg. racism/insults or provoking. Do not copy other players names.
#2 Use your microphone carefully. It is not allowed to scream or provoke other players. If you have music in the background, keep a low volume.
#3 You must communicate in Swedish or English.
#4 You are not allowed to insult other players, nor their relatives.
#5 Do not discuss bans or mutes on the servers. If you want to complain about a ban, do so on Discord or by posting a Ban Appeal in the forum.
#6 Advertising is not allowed. Encouraging players to connect to another server / community will result in a ban.
#7 Use of cheats and scripts will always result in a ban. This includes hyperscrolls / macros.
#8 Discussing religion or politics is not allowed.
#9 Exploiting bugs on the map / server is not allowed.
#10 Begging for Credits / XP is not allowed.
#11 Trading of CS:GO skins / other items is not allowed on the servers.
#12 Playing on another account while you are banned is not allowed. Your primary ban will be extended if you do so.
#13 Leaking other players personal information is not allowed.
The thread is locked!

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