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Application Admin Application - DexterN


New member
Feb 1, 2020
User name: DexterN


Discord tag

Which server are you applying for?
Retakes / FFA DM

How long have you been playing CS:GO?
I have around 1600 hours on CS:GO and I've been playing since 2016

Have you been banned or punished on our servers?
I have not been banned. Though I've gotten my premium vote perms removed if that counts as a punishment. I'm really happy that the admins removed those from me since I clearly didnt behave with them, this has taught me a lot of things, and I have learned from my mistakes and I apologize to everyone since I ruined some people gameplay. In the future I will do better! Thanks again staff for taking my perms away to teach me how to behave to others!

Information about you
My name is Dexter and I live in Sweden, I'm 13 years old and I'm soon 14 since my birthday is comming up very soon. I started playing CS in mid 2016, and since then I've had some breaks from it. Though now I'm litterally stuck to CS since I have realized that I have a lot to learn, which motivates me. I like learning new skills and new stuff overall. I have a lot of freetime even when school is ongoing. This is because I'm really fast at finishing homework and essays. That is because as I said it motivates me when I learn things, and I go full out on things that I wanna do. This of course also regards to videogames.
In my freetime I spend pretty much all my time in front of my computer and play videogames which in that end gives me time to hop on the servers or discord to talk to people.

Do you have any admin experience?
I dont have much admin experience although I have a friend that owns a minecraft server which I was a moderation on, this taught me how to treat people as a staff. Though outside of that, I do not really have much experience, but I'm open to learn.

Qualities that make you a good administrator
-I feel like I would be an active administrator, which in my opinion is needed more of, I got around 120 hours playtime on the server
- I've also gotten compliments from Skyzar (an admin) that I would fit as an admin, that is actually why I'm writing this.
- I'm active in voicechat which means that I can easily communicate with people. Im not shy either to speak another language or tell someone they did wrong if that is the case. I also understand English very good so if there's someone that doesn't understand Swedish, I still have an easy way to communicate with them.
- I'm not only a very active player on the community servers, I also reply to a lot of admin applications to give constructive feedback to those who makes applications on the forum. This means that I also can and have time to review player reports as an admin.

Why should we pick you? What makes you unique?
I belive that I would be able to help the community grow with the things you have taught me and the things you will teach me, as I said, I also play a lot on the server which means that I have made some friends, I also have a easy time making friends since I'm not shy to talk to strangers. I'm also pretty honest, if I've done something wrong then I don't feel ashamed to tell that I've done wrong since it helps me grow as a person.

Something else you would like to add?
I wrote this application in English to show my variety of the language, and that I understand it very well.
I of course also speak and understand Swedish very well.
If there is something missing that you are wondering write a reply and I will answer it.


KZ Head Serveradmin
Head Serveradmin
May 26, 2020
Very solid application. It's good in itself but considering you are 13 it is all the more impressive! It would be great to have you on the team to help us out.
A shame about the thing with the premium abuse but I believe you have learned your lesson and know better now. After all, mistakes are made so that we can grow from them.

+rep from me. Hope to see you on the team soon :)

For the others, here's the link to all the comm bans.


Jul 18, 2019
Härligt att du har lagt en del tid på din ansökan. Du verkar vara okej på engelska trots din unga ålder, vilket är ett plus.

Jag vill minnas att du inte tog det så bra när jag plockade bort din behörighet att lägga votes. Skönt att du i efterhand i alla fall är tacksam för att vi informerade dig om hur vi såg på saken så att du kunde ta lärdom av det. Nu har du ju fått tillbaka dessa behörigheter för en ny chans.

Personligen är jag skeptisk till unga sökande då jag har dåliga erfarenheter av de flesta under 15 år som varit admin inom olika communitys. Men vi har ingen specifik åldersgräns för att bli admin utöver att du måste vara minst 12-13 för att registrera dig på forumet.

Vi kommer samtala om din ansökan och bedöma den baserat på vår uppfattning av dig som person! :)
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