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Declined Admin Application - AQHS

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User name: AQHS


Discord tag

Which server are you applying for?

Introduce yourself
Hello! I am Aku, 17 years old boy from Finland. I spend the most of my playtime on klonken retakes or faceit. I have seen alot cheaters on klonken retakeservers and because i play there alot its not fun them to ruin the games. I have been playing on klonken retake server since the very beginning i remember there were only like 2000 players or less and i was rank 3 at the time :D.

How long have you been playing CS:GO?
I started in 2013 on my first account witch got hacked but i had a 2 years brake and started again in like 2015. I started playing seriously in 2017-2018. I have like 6000 hours.

Do you have any admin experience?
Not in CS:GO servers but in discord servers yes.

Qualities that make you a good administrator
I can tell when player is cheating so i could ban the cheaters very fast because i play there alot.

Why should we pick you? What makes you unique?
I play almost everyday and i think my playstyle is very unique. And again i play on klonken retake servers almost everyday so i can ban the cheaters very fast :)

Have you been banned on our servers?
Yes, one time when i linked banned players faceit account i spammed the link because it didnt send it and i did not notice the warnings.

Something else you would like to add?
I'd be grateful to be a admin on retake servers. I hope i can be useful to you guys.


Board Member
It is a very short application, would love to see more on it.
For example: "Why should we pick you? What makes you unique?"
We have a lot of people playing here every day, so it's not super unique...

And then I think the way you talk to our players is very wrong!
The thread is locked!