Declined Admin Application - fnoyx

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User name: fnoyx


Discord tag

Which server are you applying for?

Introduce yourself
I'm thirteen years old, I like video games. That's pretty much it.

How long have you been playing CS:GO?
I've played CS:GO for about 3 years. If you mean in hours I have about 1800 hours right now.

Do you have any admin experience?
I do not have any admin experience in CS:GO or any other games.

Qualities that make you a good administrator
I can listen to people an hear their demands but I'm not afraid to speak up if someone is misbehaving.

Why should we pick you? What makes you unique?
Nothing really, I'm just a normal guy.

Have you been banned on our servers?
I have not.


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Skriv mer på din ansökan.
Det känns inte som att du tar detta seriöst när svaren är kortare än frågorna.
T.ex, Varför ska vi ta in dig som admin om du inte är speciell, Vem är du? Varför vill du bli admin hos oss?
The thread is locked!