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Nyhet Changelog 09.04.2020

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KZ Climb
  • Updated GOKZ to the latest version:

    [Release Notes: GOKZ v2.7.0 - 2020/4/9]
  • Added the Jumpbug jumptype.
  • Added an 'Always-on' jumpstats mode that will skip validations and always print jumpstats. Can be toggled with !jsalways or in the menu. See the new jumpstats wiki here for more information.
  • Added an additional jump tier above Ownage called 'Wrecker'.
  • Reworked most of the jumpstat tiers. You can find them here.
  • Added additional lowpre jumptypes for Bunnyhops and Weirdjumps that match the KZTimer precaps.
  • Added local jumpstat broadcasting that can be turned on/off client sided.
  • Added a stat to indicate how many ticks the player crouched before landing.
  • Added W-release stat for weirdjumps.
  • Added a stat to track the crouch release of jumpbugs.
  • Improved ladder jump failstat accuracy.
  • Improved ladder offset validation.
  • Fixed bug that would make failstats appear randomly during runs.
  • Fixed bug where the jump wouldn't count if you crouch really late.
  • Reduced minimal jump distance to include strafeless jumps.
  • Increased VNL and KZT mode version.

  • Reactivated SMAC to catch more cheaters.

All servers
  • Updated SourceMod to the latest version.
  • Fixes in the ServerList plugin
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