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#1 Griefing
Griefing is not allowed, e.g. by flashing your teammates or throwing smokes to your opponents' advantage.
It is also not allowed to disturb your teammates, e.g. by talking loudly in the voice chat so that players cannot hear footsteps.

#2 Avoiding the mission
You are not allowed to go to the wrong bombsite or avoid the mission, as CT you must actively push the terrorists and try to defuse the bomb.

#3 Criticism against other players
You are not allowed to criticize other players for playing on another level. On our servers there are players in both lower and higher ranks. Show respect to everyone regardless of rank.

#4 Cooperation with the opponent
You are not allowed to cooperate with the opposing team.

#5 Don't leave the bombsite
As a Terrorist, it is not allowed to run away from the bombsite. Stay close by the bombsite and try to defend it. However, it is acceptable to be close by the bombsite - for example on banana at de_inferno.
The thread is locked!

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