Declined Admin Application - Olly

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Jan 4, 2020
User name: Olly

What is your nickname on the servers?

Which server would you like to be admin on?
HNS Noblock

Introduce yourself
Hi I'm Olly I am 13 and I am from England (UK) my birthday is on the 30th of March I like many genres of music and I love to play Piano I just passed on my First grade and I am really happy about that! I love playing CSGO (Competitively and just for fun) , and your server is probably the only server I play. Im active alot because I love the server.

How long have you been playing CS:GO?
About a year (400 Hours on record)

Do you have any admin experience? What are the main qualifications of an admin?
I have never been an admin on servers (In CSGO) just yet but I am always looking for a good server to prove my strengths and abilities and what I'm capable of and I think this could be the one. I have been Admins on many Minecraft, FiveM, Gmod servers. You could say I have the admin tone. I know I am young and people may say that but I think I could bring a lot to this amazing community because of my experience of being an admin on multiple games and servers, No here are my qualifications as an admin. As an admin you should show an example to others, help others in need, guide others, stop rule breakers, and make a positive vibe for others. You should judge your own actions and think before doing, because you have to make fair decisions at ALL times.

Why should we pick you?
My activeness is 10/10, Any time i'm on CSGO i ALWAYS play this server. I am kind and helpful I LOVE helping other people in trouble or if there stuck at something. I never give up on helping others. I will make sure to always bring positivity to the server. I'm always encouraging friends to play on Klonken servers because they are personally so great! I understand all the rules I have read them about 100 times so I never forget them.

Have you been banned on our servers?
Yes once for 60 minutes I was chasing a guy then I lost him and saw a 260 jump and attempted it. (Accidental Funjump) but i know i will NEVER do it again!

Something else you would like to add?
If I do get this I will try as hard as possible to do what I can to help this server. and thank you so much for reading my application.


Jul 18, 2019
I agree with @Vincent that you need more playtime but there is nothing wrong with the application itself.
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