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Nyhet Changelog 02.01.2020

Tråden är låst!
HNS Servers
  • Updated Jumpstats. Jumps by ghost players are now announced in the chat for everyone.

  • Ghoststabbing should have been fixed.

  • HNS PRE Only
    Updated the Server rules: "Nadeblocking (in the air)" and "Camping / Hiding"

    Nadeblocking (in the air)
    Nadeblocking is not allowed against enemies in the air if the fall height is longer than a player can jump.

    Camping / Hiding
    It is not allowed to camp or hide.

VIP (Thirdperson)
  • Updated the VIP System with commands to toggle Thirdperson for VIP players.


    If you want to bind the feature, use: Bind X tp
Tråden är låst!