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Nyhet Changelog 27.02.2021 - Store bug fixes

Tråden är låst!
Bhop / HNS Easyblocks / HNS PRE / MG Course / Surf Tier
  • Updated the Store menu
  • Major bug fixes for gloves/arms
  • VIP/Premium players can now equip CS 1.6 Gloves as T or CT...or both if they want to
  • "Flash Arms" and "Deadpool Arms" were saved under the same id, which caused a bug with saving (this has been fixed)
  • If you cannot see your custom arms from the !store, make sure to open !gloves and select Default in the menu
  • Updated the plugin for custom knives (hopefully it fixed some issues with spam, etc)
  • Gloves should no longer become invisible when you select Default in the !gloves menu
  • Gloves on these servers are saved separately, so you can easily use a different setup on Retakes
Tråden är låst!