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User name: preeh


On which servers do you want to be an admin?
hns pre

Introduce yourself
my name is rocco and i go by preeh on servers i am 16 yrs old and im in college i also really enjoy football or soccer as americans shall say it.

When did you start playing Counter-Strike?
i have been playing csgo since 1.6 but i took a massive gap and started playing 2 years ago again

Do you have any previous admin experience?
i have been admin on nemesis strafezone and i have gained much knowledge and i know most commands because i have been told all of the commands several times and i also was admin for 5 months on each i think

What are the main qualifications of an admin?
you should be able to listen to others and have respect for them and take advice from theem listen to them carefully as somethings my be said with racism you should normally take criticism and control your anger levels

Have you been banned on our servers?
no i have not

Why should we choose you?
because that i will listen to someone and also i will take as much time as people out of my day just to listen to what a member is saying

Something else you would like to add?
i would also like to add i am in college so i finish a 3 o clock then i play all afternoon sometimes stream so i am very active apart form school
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So you were playing for 11 minutes and decided to make an application? You should've waited for a while to be honest.

Please play for at least 20 hours and open a new application if you're still interested (y)
The thread is locked!