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Declined Admin Application - DaddyDerick

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Username: DaddyDerick


Discord tag

Which server are you applying for?
Retakes / FFA DM

How long have you been playing CS:GO?
Been following the Scene since mid 2017, started playing around December 2017. Got maybe 2k hours.

Have you been banned or punished on our servers?
No, not that i know of

Information about you
Top 400 on retakes. Love to play retakes as a passtime on the servers. I am from the Scotland and have very little in the way of distractions from the pc! 16 yrs old.

Do you have any admin experience?

Qualities that make you a good administrator
I am very reasonable and would abuse any sort of power I get. I love to help people with their problems.

Why should we pick you? What makes you unique?
I have many hours on the retakes server so I would be able to see and help with problems within the servers.
I am very much annoyed when there are no admins to help when people are using "!calladmin" and I would love to be an extra helping hand.


FIll in your application more please i would like to know more about you if you understand :D


Like Janne is saying, I would want you to fill the application out, it's just really dry with information, if you want to show your passion towards this you would need to catch our interest by telling us more about yourself.

Thanks for your time!


Hey there!

Just like Janne and DexterN already mentioned, consider writing more on your application. You have a good amount of playtime on the servers which is always nice to see but the application itself is still lacking.

Haven't had much interaction with you on the servers but judging by your chatlogs, you don't seem to be the best addition to the staff team. Telling people they're fat, shit and their mom is dead doesn't make the best impression.
Because of this and the fact that your application is pretty barebone you'll get a -rep from me. If you really want a chance of becoming a staff member, consider writing more on your application and leave the toxicity out of the servers.
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Board Member
Declined. My opinion is that you shouldn't be admin anywhere right now, and you haven't even signed in here since you submitted the application.

Off-topic: In the future, I recommend that you read your applications at least twice before submitting them, like this: "I am very reasonable and would abuse any sort of power I get."
The thread is locked!