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Declined Admin Application - saif

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User name: saif


On which servers do you want to be an admin?

Introduce yourself
my names saif ali im gonna become 19 this year, i like to train and i like to play csgo. klonken is my favourite retakes server. i just lost my knife to a scam and then i just went to klonken for the most time. i found this application in one of the servers and just wanted to try it out. i have never been an admin on a csgo server before but i have been an admin on a discord server with 350+ people in and now i own it because the owner didnt want it no more.

When did you start playing Counter-Strike?
i think i started in 2017 or 2016. and ive been playing on your servers for about 3 or 4 months

Do you have any previous admin experience?
I was an admin on a discord server with more than 350 people on and now I own that server because the old owner didn't want it anymore. I have gained a lot of experience as an admin and I want to help this server.

What are the main qualifications of an admin?
I think an admin should listen to the people on the server and listen to feedback from them. and also listen to criticism and use that to make it better. an admin should never be mean or toxic to others and should always help others if they are in a bad place or need help.

Have you been banned on our servers?
no, I have not been banned on your server

Why should we choose you?
I like people and in my eyes, I'm always positive, I don't judge people and i always listen. I can be joking around when its time for joking but when I have to be serious then I can be serious.

Something else you would like to add?
I don't really have anything to add


Board Member

- 5 hours playtime.
- You should wait until you have spent at least 20 hours on our servers.
- You have not joined our discord server?
The thread is locked!