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Username: Hevlush


Discord tag

Which server are you applying for?
Retakes / FFA DM

How long have you been playing CS:GO?
more than 1500 hours

Have you been banned or punished on our servers?

Information about you
Hey! my name is Valter Sandström and I am a generally nice guy from the city of Norrköping. I have been driving cs for quite some time now (in my spare time), I also usually do other chores (not at the computer) Eg Hanging out with friends playing billiards, Hanging out out, Eating at a restaurant, etc. I usually also be with family of course, And then we usually For example travel or go to Stockholm and shop or just for example watch movies at home. I go in the 2nd year of high school and live at home in the middle Pretty ordinary house, I live with my brother, mother, and my dog and am happy with both each other and other habits.I have no major Illnesses or other benefits that can be negative.I would say that I am quite Mature for my age, I also have other hobbies such as shopping for Fashion Clothes, and I also train MMA at a fairly high level as I am quite tall and weigh 70 kilos.

I also have positive sides of course eg I am caring, kind, Say that someone would start teasing in different ways I will not take revenge, I am mature online and in reality. My dream job when I grow up is to work as a civil engineer then my Dad was there when he was alive and understands if this sounds silly but make him proud by working in the same profession. I can also say that I will run this server fully up to no one else and will be very active. Regards Valter Sandström

Do you have any admin experience?
yes, i have owned and been admin for many servers like publiclir and more.

Qualities that make you a good administrator
because I am mature, have experience and things that many other admins lack. eg I will not swear at anyone because they say an inappropriate word but will talk to them / them about what they have done wrong and what they can improve etc

Why should we pick you? What makes you unique?
because I'm not toxic and will ban everyone for the slightest bit but will talk to them say what it has done wrong then take the consequences. I sit daily and hear people shout, say inappropriate words, etc. and is here because this must be stopped in my opinion. as I said, I am very active on the server and will remain as I have been for the last few months.

Something else you would like to add?
if you choose me to be a admin so woudnt you regret it I promise to the moon and back.


Hej! Kul att du vill bli serveradmin här!

Du har inte kopplat Steam med din profil under anslutna konton. Gör gärna det, alternativt skicka din steamprofil här i din ansökan! (y)


Du har rätt många konton skapade under en kort period, de allra flesta i slutet av 2019, och du har minst 3 VAC bans. Att så pass många konton skulle ha blivit hackade låter lite långsökt om du frågar mig, i så fall borde du helt klart se över din säkerhet. Samtliga konton har spelat på våra servrar kort innan att de blev VAC bannade.

Hur skulle du göra om du blev antagen för att undvika att bli hackad än en gång? Vi kan inte riskera att obehöriga kommer åt vår administration.

Hur kommer det sig att du har en 7 dagar gammal VAC ban?
det ena låna jag ut kontot till en polare för jag körde fivem istället under den tiden och det andra minns jag inte att jag haft kan vara nån annan som heter samma sak


Med tanke på att du har flera VAC bans är det osannolikt att vi tar in dig som admin. Sedan måste du ha minst 20 timmar på våra servrar innan du ansöker. Du har 3 timmar på ditt nuvarande konto. Du kan inte använda speltiden från dina VAC bannade konton (som du tydligen har blivit hackad på).

Din ansökan har blivit nekad, du uppfyller inte våra grundkrav.
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