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News Changelog 02.11.2020

The thread is locked!
  • Removed NO AWP from RETAKES ★ 14 ★ MAPVOTE (
  • New server RETAKES ★ 16 ★ MIRAGE (
  • New server RETAKES ★ 17 ★ TRAIN will open soon! (

    Why is the newest server (Retakes 17) password protected?
    PayPal API got a new update yesterday and unfortunately gameME Stats (the ranking system on our game servers) has problems with receiving payments, therefore we can not add any new server at the moment. Hopefully it will be fixed in a couple of days. We will open the server as soon as possible.


Jul 18, 2019
HNS PRE - Funjump
  • You can now join spec
  • You can no longer join CT
  • Rounds are now restarted every 15 minute (this will fix a lag issue we have with demos when rounds are active for too long)
The thread is locked!

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