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    §1.01 Cheating and ghosting
    Cheating results in a ban. This includes hyperscroll / macro. Ghosting is also classified as cheating because you have more information than you should have. You may only share the information you received before you died.

    §1.02 Advertising
    Advertising is not allowed. Encouraging players to connect to another server or community results in a ban on our servers.

    §1.03 Language
    On our servers we only speak swedish and english. However, it is allowed to communicate in other languages if all players understand the language. It is not allowed to provoke or offend anyone.

    §1.04 Politics and religion
    Discussing politics or religion is not allowed.

    §1.05 Microphone
    Use the microphone to communicate important information to your teammates. It is not allowed to scream or make sounds that may disturb other players. It is not allowed to play music without admins permission.

    §1.06 Names and tags
    On our servers we use proper names and tags. We have zero tolerance for racism, sexism and provocative names. It is not allowed to promote communities, other servers or websites. Fakenick is allowed as long as you do not fakenick an admin, which also means that you may not use a name or tag containing ADMIN or VIP.

    §1.07 Trading
    We do not allow trading of CS:GO skins or other products due to the scam risk.

    §1.08 Doxing
    Doxing (or doxxing) is not allowed, which means that you are not allowed to research and spread other player's private or identifying information.

    §1.09 Begging
    It is not allowed to beg or ask for credits / XP.

    §1.10 Bugs
    It is not allowed to exploit bugs on the server or on the current map.

    §1.11 Abuse of Calladmin
    Wasting our time is meaningless and there is a great risk that real cheaters will get away. We therefore punish abuse with a ban or a gag, where you can neither write in the chat nor report players for an extended period of time.

    §1.12 Bans
    It is not allowed to discuss punishments on the servers. If you want to appeal a ban, visit

    §1.13 Ban evasion
    You are not allowed to play on another account while you are banned.