Abous us

    The Board
    Robin 'Vincent' Moström - President
    Lucas 'Makis' Nyman - Vice President
    Julia 'Julialoviisa' Edelbring - Treasurer
    Tor 'ToUcH' Stein - Secretary

    The Board consists of several persons who have gained the members confidence to be responsible for the work with the association.

    Jonathan 'Dharma' Åström - Auditor

    The association has one or more auditors selected at the annual meeting. Auditors review the Board's work during the year.
    Klonken spelförening is a nonprofit gaming association. The association's largest target group is young people between 13-26 years. We provide multiple game servers in Counter-strike: Global Offensive. The association is affiliated to Sverok.

    Are you a Swedish member? Join our association here, for the opportunity to participate in the association's competitions and influence the future of the community!