We do not tolerate cheating, hyperscroll, macroscripts or ghosting on our game servers. You are personally responsible for your own account and the security of the account. If you get caught cheating/ghosting, it does not help to blame a family member or friend.

    On our game servers we only use Swedish or English with a well-polished vocabulary. Harassing and insulting other players is prohibited.

    Use the microphone to communicate important information to your teammates with the goal of winning. Abuse leads to you being kicked/muted or, in the worst case, banned from the game servers. If you want to play music in the background, keep a low volume or avoid activating your microphone

    Keep religion and politics out of discussions in our community. Discussions about religion and politics results in a mute/gag or a temporary ban from the game servers. If you continue with this behavior, you risk a longer ban.

    On our game servers we use proper player names and tags. We have zero tolerance for racism, sexism and provocative names. If an admin changes your name or asks you to change your name, you need to do so without delay. Otherwise you will be kicked/banned. Fakenick of non-admins is not prohibited.

    Advertising is not permitted in any form. We can be forgiving in cases where you talk about another community as long as it seems innocent.

    §7 TRADING
    We do not allow trading with CS:GO skins or other products/services. If you choose to trade with anyone, do so at your own risk. We reserve the right to punish both the seller and the buyer.

    §8 DOXING
    Doxing is not allowed on our game servers. Doxing means spreading the private or identifying information of others.

    §9 BEGGING
    On our game servers, it is not allowed to beg for credits, skins or other products/services.

    §10 BUGS
    You are not allowed to exploiting bugs on the map or in any system on the game servers.

    §11 BANS
    It is always forbidden to change account in order to play while you are banned. If you break this rule, you risk getting a permanent ban on your accounts. If you believe that you have been falsely punished, you are welcome to submit an appeal. Keep discussions about bans away from our game servers.

    Permanent bans
    We do not lift any permanent bans. If you are permanently banned, you are not allowed to obtain a new account and play until at least 6 months have passed.

    Our server administrators receive a high number of reports against players on a daily basis. To make it easier for our administrators and to give us the chance to use our time in the best possible way, it is not allowed to abuse the reporting system. We can be forgiving in cases where you suspect that a player is cheating, but it turns out that the player does not. We want you to think twice before reporting players. Abuse leads to a longer block from reporting players or to a ban from the game servers.