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News related to the CS:GO scene and the game servers!
Some of our servers are currently unavailable! They will be back up soon!

Premium and new prices

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Due to high fees for our game servers, we have decided to increase premium prices and offer multi-year upgrades.

We still offer upgrades cheaper than some of our competitors and we have more than 30 game servers where you get many benefits when you are premium.

By donating, you support our community and helping us to continue with competitions, giveaways and providing game servers.

The new prices are:
1 month Premium - €4
3 months Premium - €9
6 months Premium - €15
1 year Premium - €25
We're looking for admins!
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Klonken is a growing CS:GO community with many players and we have a large player base on our Retakes servers!
We need more active administrators on all our servers. If you have been playing on our servers for more than 20 hours and think you have what it takes to be one of us - do not hesitate to apply to the team!

These are the admin requirements

You must be at least 13 y/o
You must speak and understand english or swedish
You must be active on our discord server
You must actively review...

MG Course is back!

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Finally, we decided to reopen the MG Course server! :D

Klonken - MG COURSE ★ TIMER ★ 128T
IP: s1.klonken.nu:27020

Surf Tier

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Welcome to join our newest server! :D

Klonken - SURF TIER ★ TIER 1-2 ★ 64T
IP: s3.klonken.nu:27015
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We have opened a new Retakes server for TOP 5K players only!

Join the new server: connect

Type !servers on any of our servers to access the new server.
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We have opened a 24/7 FJ MODE HNS PRE server with Devblocks, Jukecity, Half and Rooftops in the map rotation!

Join the new server on or s1.klonken.nu:27040

Type !servers on any of our servers to access the new server.
KZ Climb Whitelist
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We have locked one of our KZ Climb servers and only whitelisted players are allowed to join the server. In order to be able to join the server, you must either send a request to join our steam group Klonken KZ Whitelist (klonkenKZ.se) or get invited to the group.

There is a FAQ thread in the steam group, feel free to read it for more information regarding this server.

Join the server right now: connect s2.klonken.nu:27029
New server - RETAKES ★ 13 ★
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We have opened a new Retakes server with Nuke, Train and Vertigo in the map rotation!

Join the new server: connect

Type !servers on any of our servers to access the new server.
Rent servers with 30% discount!
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Rent your own server on Fragnet, enter our promotion code KLONKEN for a 30% discount on the first payment when you choose monthly payment.

The promo code currently has no expiration date, so feel free to try it whenever you want to!

Go to www.klonken.nu/fragnet and get started today.

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