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HNS graphs are now available for premium!
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We have now launched a new system for all premium players on our servers. If you play on our...
Select Swedish as your language
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Klonken is a Swedish community and we want our website to be available in both English and...
Utlottning! Presentkort hos Max Gaming!
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Vi lottar ut ett presentkort till ett värde av 250 SEK i Gaming- och esport-butiken Max Gaming...
New map on HNS Easyblocks - C21_Gurka
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We have finally released c21_gurka on the HNS Easyblocks server! This time we have tried to...

Premium and new prices

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Due to high fees for our game servers, we have decided to increase premium prices and offer...
Utlottning! Logitech G502 SE HERO Gaming Mouse
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Gå med i Klonken Spelförening för chansen att vinna en Logitech G502 SE HERO Gaming Mouse (värde...
We're looking for admins!
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Klonken is a growing CS:GO community with many players and we have a large player base on our...

MG Course is back!

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Finally, we decided to reopen the MG Course server! :D Klonken - MG COURSE ★ TIMER ★ 128T IP...

Surf Tier

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Welcome to join our newest server! :D Klonken - SURF TIER ★ TIER 1-2 ★ 64T IP: s3.klonken.nu:27015

Forum updated

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Thanks to everyone for the patience while our forum has been offline for a few days! :) We have...
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We have opened a new Retakes server for TOP 5K players only! Join the new server: connect...
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We have opened a 24/7 FJ MODE HNS PRE server with Devblocks, Jukecity, Half and Rooftops in the...
KZ Climb Whitelist
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We have locked one of our KZ Climb servers and only whitelisted players are allowed to join the...
New server - RETAKES ★ 13 ★
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We have opened a new Retakes server with Nuke, Train and Vertigo in the map rotation! Join the...
Rent servers with 30% discount!
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Rent your own server on Fragnet, enter our promotion code KLONKEN for a 30% discount on the...
Registration without Steam
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Some players do not want to create an account on our site with Steam because some sites may...

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