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    Vincent Vincent      349 Views
    We have released a HNS Easyblocks server in 🇸🇪 Stockholm, Sweden.

    Join via or hns.klonken.nu:27025
    Vincent Vincent      119 Views
    We have decided to close our HNS PRE #2 server located in 🇩🇪 Frankfurt, Germany - instead we will open another HNS server very soon!

    You are still welcome to play on our main HNS PRE server located in 🇸🇪 Stockholm, Sweden! IP: hns.klonken.nu:27015

    We will definitely keep you updated and you can expect more info about the new project in a few days.

    If you have any suggestions for our servers or maybe for a new server, feel free to post your suggestions here: Suggestions
    Vincent Vincent      66 Views