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News We are looking for admins!
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Klonken is a growing CS:GO community with many players and right now we have a large player base on our Retakes servers. But we need more active admins on all our servers. If you have been playing on our servers for more than 20 hours and think...
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We have opened a new Retakes server for TOP 5K players only!

Join the new server: connect

Type !servers on any of our servers to access the new server.
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We are pleased to announce that we have now released a SURF RPG server!
Make sure you read and understand our General rules and Surf RPG rules before you start playing on this server!

Join the new server: connect

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We have opened a 24/7 FJ MODE HNS PRE server with Devblocks, Jukecity, Half and Rooftops in the map rotation!

Join the new server on or

Type !servers on any of our servers to access the new server.
News KZ Climb Whitelist
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We have locked one of our KZ Climb servers and only whitelisted players are allowed to join the server. In order to be able to join the server, you must either send a request to join our steam group Klonken KZ Whitelist ( or get...
Giveaway September 2020 - Premium x3!
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Giveaway with 3 lucky winners - 1 month Premium! 🎉

Congratulations to @ave, @Tamadra and @WESTBROOK!
Contact me within 48 hours to claim your prize! 👏🎉
News New server - RETAKES ★ 13 ★
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We have opened a new Retakes server with Nuke, Train and Vertigo in the map rotation!

Join the new server: connect

Type !servers on any of our servers to access the new server.
News Rent servers with 30% discount!
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Rent your own server on Fragnet, enter our promotion code KLONKEN for a 30% discount on the first payment when you choose monthly payment.

The promo code currently has no expiration date, so feel free to try it whenever you want to!

Go to...
News Our FASTDL has been moved
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Today we have moved our FastDL due to the fact that our previous service provider is moving our services. If you have experienced errors during the day and been kicked for "Missing map" it is related to this.

It may take a while before the DNS...
News Registration without Steam
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Some players do not want to create an account on our site with Steam because some sites may change their Steam Web API Key and steal their skins. We have activated registration without Steam so that everyone has the opportunity to register...

News Swedish Language

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We are currently working on a Swedish translation for our website!
This process takes many hours... Please be patient.

For now, we recommend you to choose "English (US)" :)

News New IP (FFA DM)

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We have moved our FFA DM server to Cloudnet

New IP:

Enjoy your stay!


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We are once again testing an FFA DM server! 😄

Kill enemies with Headshot to get more HP. You also get ammunition replenishment for each kill.

Type !fade to toggle on/off the blue fade screen on kills.

The default is 1 player + 9 bots. When...

News Moneymod levels!

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These are our new Moneymod levels for HNS Easyblocks

0/16 - Unranked
1/16 - Silver 1 (5 kills)
2/16 - Silver 2 (50 kills)
3/16 - Silver 3 (100 kills)
4/16 - Silver Elite (250 kills)
5/16 - Gold 1 (500 kills)
6/16 - Gold 2 (750 kills)...
News New Retakes - MI/CA/INF
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We have opened a new Retakes server with Mirage, Cache and Inferno in the map rotation. The time limit is set to only 30 minutes. We may increase the time in the future.

Welcome to join the new server, Retakes #10: connect
News [HNS] Moneymod reset & updates
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Finally an early Moneymod reset on our HNS Easyblocks!

We have also added

Point blocks
Stats pages
HNS Ranks in the Moneymod
Achievements (money/points) when reaching a new rank level
New maps
...and more!

Connect to


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